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Sunrise family & maternity session on Shipwreck beach Poipu, Kauai

This lovely family came to Kauai to relax & soak up some sunshine together before they welcomed their second baby into their lives. This was all pre Covid & I am happily using this time to get caught up on sharing.

We arranged to meet on Shipwreck beach before the sunrise in Poipu. I always love early mornings as the beaches are pretty much empty except the occasional surfer, runner or dog walker. The temperatures are cooler and if your traveling from anywhere east of Hawaii chances are your waking up super early. During the beginning of your trip at least. Plus the light can be so beautiful. I always feel like the day is set in a really positive way when I get up early enough to see the sunrise.

This mornings light did not disappoint!

We walked down the beach and were greeted by the most dreamy sunrise. This gorgeous mama was absolutely radiant and it was so fun too capture the love and connection between them all.

I am always so grateful for the incredible couples & families that find me and want to create beautiful art together that they can look back on for years to come.


Love, Rachel

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