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Ross & Lisa, Kauai Elopement near the Point in Poipu

Ross & Lisa travelled to Kauai in 2019 to marry each other in an intimate elopement ceremony. They invited me along to capture their special day, as they exchanged vows, rings & I do's in a sweet little island style ceremony. We chose a very special location tucked away in a secluded little beach in Poipu on Kauai's Southside. Their officiant was Minister Niles Kageyama & his wife Aileen accompanied him with music. They created a very sweet ceremony with the traditional blowing of the Conch, prayers, blessings, music and lots of aloha.

After the ceremony we went to Shipwrecks beach to photograph the newlyweds with the towering sandstone cliffs & tropical blue ocean in the background. The waves were so dramatic as they kissed the cliff edge and exploded in a shower of sea foam as the Iwa birds soared overhead, dancing with the wind.

Huge congratulations to Ross & Lisa on your marriage. I hope you come back to Kauai to celebrate your love again & again. Mahalos again for having me along to capture this special day for you!!!

Love, Rachel

Bridal Hair & Makeup: Mia Moriguchi /

Officiant: Niles kageyama /

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