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Monique & Fenton's Kauai beach & jungle adventure Elopement

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I am so excited to share a few images with you from Monique & Fenton's intimate beach Elopement. They invited Moniques parents to be their witnesses & to be a present on their special day. Kahu Ai & his family created a space for the ceremony with a green & white floral crescent near the waters edge. We met up with them on a remote beach on the Southside of Kauai. Where the celebration started with a kava drinking ceremony led by Kahu Ai. With reverence they offered some to the land as they each took turns drinking from the koa bowl. Relaxing into the present moment, the sound of the waves & their breath & the rite of passage they were about to begin...

Once they had come into the present moment fully, Kahu Ai offered the rest of the Kava to the earth to complete the circle & invited them into the crescent. Together they walked in holding hands. The conch was blown to the directions & we were all wrapped in the special magic that ceremony with Kahu Ai creates. So much intention. So much love. So much meaning in every detail.

Kahu Ai started the water blessing, with a hand washing ceremony. With sacred waters collected from a local spring & mixed with salt water, frankincense & myrrh. He pours the waters on the hands & you wash away all that you desire to let go of. first massaging your own hands & then massaging each others. It is such a special part of the ceremony.

Then they exchanged floral & ti leaf leis, personal vows & rings. Right when Fenton was putting the ring on Moniques finger an extra big wave came up the beach & surprised everyone, but they just kept on with the ceremony. It was such a powerful moment.

Kahu Ai completed the ceremony with a salt blessing HO'OLA'A AO

(blessings upon your marriage, sealing the bond with hawaiian salt) & a blowing of the conch as they shared their first kiss as husband & wife!

We celebrated the couple & they took a few images with Moniques parents before we explored the coastline & jungle together.

We ended the session with a walk in the jungle & then these two newlyweds headed for a celebratory dinner. Huge congratulations to Monique & Fenton! Thank you for having me along to document this beautiful day!!!

Mahalo nui,

Officiant: Kahu Ai

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