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Nicole & TJ’s laid back North Shore Kauai, Hawaii Elopement

Nicole and TJ’s elopement was a relaxed, intimate celebration on the stunning North Shore of Kauai in Hawaii. After 14 years of being together, they finally decided to make it official and share their commitment with each other on the Island that has such a special place in their hearts.

The couple looked stunning on the beach at sunset; Nicole wore a strappy sequin dress which beautifully showed off her tattoos. The warm afternoon sunlight bathed the beach in a golden glow. Creating an idyllic setting for their ceremony and all of its components – from exchanging vows, rings & popping some bubbly.

But first, rock paper scissors to decide who would share their vows first.

With Frieda Gayle officiating the ceremony, Nicole and TJ exchanged their vows and rings then sealed them with a big kiss as husband and wife. It was truly a moment to remember! And what would any beach wedding be without some dancing? As evening set in, Nicole and TJ celebrated as newlyweds by dancing on the beach with joyful abandon, making memories that will last them a lifetime!

Before the sun fully set for the evening we went for a stroll along the bay so they could take in the balmy evening. Sailboats filled the bay's calm turquoise waters. The emerald mountains that frame the coast were accented with waterfalls.

Such a fun evening celebrating & documenting love with Nicole & TJ! Huge congratulations & wishing them all the best in their journey as Mr. & Mrs.

Officiant: Frieda Gayle

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