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My favorite Morning Green Smoothie recipe & tutorial:

This is a super easy, healthy smoothie recipe that I love to make. It is adapted from Dr. Joe Dispenza's book called "Grow a New Body". It feels like such great alkalizing, cell nourishing tasty morning drink that my body always thanks me for. Since were all spending a LOT more time at home and I have been cooking everyday I thought this could be a great time to incorporate some yummy recipes and lifestyle into my BLOG.

I hope that you like this yummy recipe & tutorial!!! Thank you for watching. I am attaching below a link for $50. gift card for the Organic Superfood powder I used from Purium "More Greens". (disclaimer: I do make a small commission) You can also use Spirulina or your favorite green superfood powder or just blend the smoothie as is, it will still get lots of good greens in you. One note worth mentioning is if you decide to plant mint in your garden I highly recommend keeping it in a pot as it takes right over (as I am currently experiencing). Heres that link: www.ishoppurium.com gift code "crane".

Sending lots of

love to you and your family!

Rachel Crane

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