Aloha loves!

My name is Rachel & I have been photographing couples, maternity, baby moon's, elopement's, 

intimate weddings, vow renewal ceremonies & families

for the past four years. I received a Professional Photography Diploma in 2014 from the Photography Institute and continue to take workshops. My goal is to constantly learn & grow with my art & business. I'm based on Kauai, Hawaii & love to travel. The main focus of my work is telling the story of the wildly in love.

Whether that means you're freshly in love or you have been married over 20 years. We're all in different stages of our journey and they are all so beautiful & absolutely worth documenting. 

TELL ME YOUR STORY and let's create something beautiful together! 

But first I will tell you mine.

I'm from a tiny Island in BC, Canada. absolutely love the ocean, mountains, dancing, music & cooking delicious food for friends & family. When I'm not at home with my love working on projects you can find me hiking, cooking, dancing, gardening, location scouting, practicing yoga or relaxing on the beach with a good book.


I met my Husband, Goran while I was studying on Kauai. Eight months later he got down on one knee in the Eastern Mojave desert, while we were on a road trip. Even though we had talked a lot about marriage & family I thought he was joking, at first. We eloped on Kauai in 2016. I am so grateful for our love & the beautiful life we are creating together.

Feel like we would be a good fit? Let's be friends. Get in touch and tell me your story so we can create some magic together.